Nail That Coin

Nail That Coin is a mobile game that takes you back in time. You play over a wooden board with nails as obstacles (or players) and you use a coin as a ball. Play with your finger against the computer or someone else, it allows two players on the same device.

A while back we didn't have computers or a lot of technology, so we made our own toys and games, and that's a memory Nail That Coin aims to bring back, all the while bringing fun and competition for the mobile sports games genre. In a carefully constructed board, a balanced physics mechanics, looking reallistic altough stil fun...

After a lot of hard work, version 1.7 is here, and brings a ton of new features. Check it out!

A redesigned interface, improved performance and graphics, new customization options bring a whole new dimension to the gameplay.

Version 1.7 has:

* A complete overhaul of the UI, more beautiful and functional fitting better your device

* Field customization: several new fields, pin formations and pin styles create a new gameplay dimension

* Much improved graphics and smoother gameplay

* Better settings

* Power bar visually aiding controlling the force

* Added Spanish language