Privacy Policy


Nail That Coin (NTC) is a sports simulation video game available on the App Store and Google Play, as is. The game requires the use of Google Play Games on Android or Game Center on Apple. At Nail That Coin, we value user privacy and rights. NTC collects statistical, non personably identifiable information, so we can improve the game play in future versions. If you do login in the game to save your progress, achievements and purchases, you'll be required to share some information about you. NTC does not share that information with anyone without your express consent. You can always contact us at, if you have any questions.

Handling Information

We collect anonymous gameplay information during the use of the game, for example, the game modes that are played most, how frequently the game is played or which languages are the most used. Crash logs are collected if the application crashes, so we can investigate and fix the issue. The logs include a generated unique device identifier so we don't duplicate the logs, and they don't include any personal information. This information is not relatable to a single user, are sent anonymously to our servers, and are only used to improve the game so we can provide better versions on the future. To store and analyze that information we use third party tools, listed in Additional Information below.

NTC is integrated to Google Play Games on Android and Game Center on Apple platforms. It follows strictly all rules and policies dictated by those platforms, and they have their own privacy policies you accepted upon signing up for those services. Your progress, items you earn or purchase are saved on our servers, so they can be always available to you, if you reinstall the application. You will be notified and asked for consent if additional information is required. In an online multiplayer game, your IP Address will be visible to other users and our servers during the online experience.

We don't knowingly collect personal information from children under 13, if you do realize that information is being collected, please contact us at, we'll erase the information promptly.

Additional Information

At any moment if you decide so, you can ask us to erase all information that can be relatable to you. That will erase all your progress and statistics, and, depending on the store, all your purchases and items. To do so, contact us at

If you use Apple Game Center, you are subject to Game Center’s terms and conditions, that can be found at:

If you use Google Play Games, Google Login or other Google’s services, you are subject to Google’s privacy policy, you can find at:

Nail That Coin uses third-party services to collect and process information to improve the game: